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Pre-season drivers meeting will be held on April 13, 2014 in the track building at 2:30pm
Track is now open for practice!

New race day times  pit gates will open at 4 pm for practice and racing will start at 7:00 pm.


There will still be open practice held on fridays from noon till dusk for $20.00 a car or driver.

Rookie schooling will be held from 2 pm till 4 pm.

Saturday afternoons before regular racing starts. Anyone can attended .


There are changes to the ages to the Jr “ A “  and   Jr. “ B “ Sprint Divisions  this year . The Jr “ B “ division will be ages 5  till  9 years of age .  The  Jr “ A “  division will be ages  10   till  15  years of age . As of May 1 st .


This year we are sorry to say that the  9 hp Mod. Sprint Division has come to the end . Do to low interest in this division we are putting it on the back burner till there is a demand for it again.


But we will be starting a BONE STOCK FOR FUN  4 CLY.  DIVISION to replace the 9 hp division which will run DELAWARE RULES and on the off weeks off DELAWARE runs . There will be five races on the oval and one on the roadcourse  .


The only rule changes being changed in the rule book has to do with engine seals . If you have the new cap style seal on your motor that is solid and dose not move or spin you will not have your motor pulled for inspection till champion ship night .Unless claimed by someone . Anyone with moving cap seals or the old lead seals can be pulled at any time for DYNO TESTING . ALSO the old claim rule of  $200.00 has been changed to $50.00 to make it easyer for the other drivers or reg. Car owners to claim some ones motor if you don't think were doing your jobs .


This year with the LEGENDS car division will be running a eight race point series again  at  G. B . S. with six here on the oval and one on the road course  and one being at SUNSET SPEEDWAY on July 12 th with the  ONTARIO LEGEND SERIES


Also for the legends if you are registered with G.B.S. The new I . N .E . X . registration for the U.S. Is now only $100.00 fee .




G . B . S .    Hope to see you all at the meeting  SUN . April 13 /14     Track shop 2pm.


New Track Director Announced.  Click here for more information.