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Practice dates are May 5th & May 12th. First rookie schooling will take place May 12th


 Race day times  pit gates will open at 430 pm for practice and racing will start at 7:00 pm.


there will still be open practice held on Friday’s from 3 pm. till dusk for $20.00 a car or driver.

Saturday afternoons before regular racing starts There will be no cars worked on Tech. or run in the pits or on track till 4:30 . Anyone camping can do so at there camp site until  the regular program starts .

There were changes to the ages in 2015 to the Jr “A“ and  Jr.“B“ Sprint Divisions. The Jr “B“ division will be ages 5 till 9 years of age . The Jr“A“  will be ages 10  till  15 years of age . As of May 1 st . If a driver is able to be moved up a division it will be at managements discretion.

There will be no drop nights.

Jr B / Jr A / JLM /J.M.T. /M.T. will run 10 race nights running Double features only no heat races in 2018.

 9 hp Mod. Sprint Division will be running a 8 race series.With double features                                           >The BONE STOCK  4 CLY.  DIVISION  which will run DELAWARE RULES and  FULL THROTTLE  RULES and SAUBLE RULES. There will be 8 race series with heat races and 35 lap features on the oval .

The only rule changes being changed in the rule book has to do with engine seal  you will again have your=motor pulled for inspection at any time now.  Also old claim rule of  $200.00 has been changed to $50.00 to make it easyier for the drivers or reg. Car owners to claim some ones motor for DYNO TESTING if you don't think were doing your jobs .

Also for 2018 we will be starting a restricted JR MINI TRUCK Division for ages 11 to 15 years old the carb plate to be 3/4" with a weigth of 750lbs.

This year with the LEGENDS car division will be running under the Ontario INEX Legend Car Series There will be 2 races at Grand Bend, 2 at Sauble, 1 at Flamboro and 8 at Peterbrougth and 6 at Sunset

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